Dr. Piper Winifred

I grew up in an adventurous, storytelling family, and the underlying approach to The Authentic Self is this same storytelling and adventure style. I have graduate degrees in history and Latin, and a PhD in Religion, Politics & Society, with an emphasis on Cultural Identity. I've spent decades studying the topics I present with Authentic Friendship and The Authentic Self having spent years researching on-site in dusty, musty, old archives from long ago, and conducting hundreds of interviews and surveys/tests. All of this work culminated in an exciting Authenticity Project where you & I get to explore the wonderful & amazing power of the individual self in reaching out to connect to each other in Authentic Friendship. We can also call it: Heroic Friendship!

It's startling how individual & unique--and powerful-- every single person is, given the millions and millions of people there are (and have been) who tread upon the Earth, and yet . . . how similar we are in the ways that we approach the journey.

Join me in your Friendship Journey. My trademarked ComPassionate Teaching Method means that as you comment on YouTube, I will give you individual attention, while showing you the unbelievably simple and wonderful tools you need to discover your True Self, so you can find Meaningful Friendships that last a lifetime. Let's end the loneliness epidemic and ultimately save the world together!!