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Dr. Piper Winifred

I grew up in an adventurous, storytelling family, and the underlying approach to The Authentic Self app is this same storytelling and adventure style. I have graduate degrees in history and Latin, and a PhD in Religion, Politics & Society, with an emphasis on Cultural Identity. I've spent decades studying the topics I present in The Authentic Self app, researching on-site in dusty, musty, old archives from long ago, and conducting hundreds of interviews and surveys/tests. All of this work culminated in an exciting Authenticity Project where you & I get to explore the wonderful & amazing power of The Authentic Self.

It's startling how individual & unique every single person is, given the millions and millions of people there are (and have been) who tread upon the Earth, and yet . . . how similar we are in the ways that we approach the journey.

Join me in the Authenticity Journey. My trademarked ComPassionate Teaching Method means that I will give you individual attention, while showing you the unbelievably simple and wonderful tools you need to discover your True Self, so you can find Meaningful Happiness.

That means you will experience complete fulfillment according to YOUR requirements--no one else's. You might not even know what those are quite yet, but you will discover them when you follow the Path of Authenticity.